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Rent Your Look With Designer Dresses From The Volte

What should I wear???

For first time members it poses endless possibilities.

For returning guests, reducing the CPW (cost per wear) on a past purchase could be an option but do you want to be seen in the same dress twice?

It’s easily one of the most asked questions and, aside from the obvious answer (something white and glamorous), the solution may be more challenging.

One of the most spectacular and unique things about Diner in Blanc is seeing thousands of people gather together in waves of white. The variety of styles and fashion on display is simply amazing as is the effort that goes into every outfit and each personalised detail.

Fortunately our friends at the Volte may have the answer (and dress) you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Aptly dubbed ‘the Airbnb of fashion’, the Volte offers Australians thousands of designer dresses to rent for a fraction of the retail cost and Diner en Blanc Melbourne are proud to partner with them for some extra inspiration.

There are literally hundreds of white designer dresses available to browse through with prices ranging from $40 - $250, however save time and money by searching this hand picked collection selected especially for DEB.,created_at_desc

Source: The VolteSource: The VolteSource: The Volte

Dresses usually take up to 4 days to arrive so get jump online to find out more and start your search today.

There's also good news for those with outfits from previous DEB events that may only get worn once.  Join the Volte and start to earn some money back on those beautiful white dresses and accessories. 

Stay tuned for more inspiration and don't forget to share your look. #DEBMelb

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